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The unconventional journey of Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group

Updated: May 14

Born in a small village, got married at 21, started own writing blog, sold a company to one of the biggest content to E-commerce group, pursuing higher studies along with CEO responsibilities, kids, Wait Is this possible? Is this is a normal way of leading life? Aren't you supposed to follow certain steps of education first, then marriage, having a professional life until kids.....Well not incase of our founder Priyanka Gill who always believed in doing the unconventional and following her dreams fearlessly.

In her 20s Priyanka got married and shifted to London but her love for writing continued so she started working as a freelance writer, hosting charity and art events, contributing to and editing publications, investing in early stage companies and Modern Indian Art - with a busy family and social life as the hectic backdrop.

If we look back at 2014, standing out on Instagram was easier than now mainly because the industry was decluttered back then. Surprisingly 2014 was the year when Priyanka Gill decided to move back to India to launch POPxo, envisaged as a safe and engaging community helping Indian women lead their best lives.

After that there was no looking back, she launched Plixxo in 2017 which nurtured India’s first generation of influencers and finally in 2020 POPxo-Plixxo merged with MyGlamm- India’s leading beauty conglomerate.

My Glamm group then was started in 2015 headquartered in Mumbai and it took the company 6 years to attain the unicorn status in 2021. Backed by some of the marquee investors like Abu Dhabi Capital Group, Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank Vision Fund, Tiger Global Management, Trifecta Capital Advisors, now rebranded as the Good Glamm Group is South Asia’s largest Content to Commerce group.

The group comprises a portfolio of proprietary beauty and personal care brands marketed across a digital ecosystem of content, community and creator assets. The Good Glamm is following a house of brands strategy wherein they strategically acquire brands to fill the gaps in their current portfolio.

as shown in the infographic.

Infographic Design Credits - Nikita Aggarwal

Some of the key stats to note about the Good Glamm group:

Current Valuation ~ $1.2bn

Last Round of Funding ~ Series D $150 million

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) ~ $250 million

Recent Acquisitions: Organic Harvest, Scoopwhoop, The Mom’s Co, Baby Chakra, Miss Malini

The Good Glamm group has some ambitious goals for 2022 as stated by the Group founder Darpan Sanghavi , to grow each of the acquired brands by 3x, betting heavily on the creator’s economy, and cross over 150 to 200 thousand points of sale by undertaking some offline acquisitions.

The Good Glamm group gives us an insight into how entering the right market at the right time can turn a small business into a major global Digital FMCG Conglomerate of the Future.

Lastly, Priyanka joined MyGlamm as Co-founder & President but continued as founder & CEO of POPxo-Plixxo. As we look at her journey there are two things Priyanka has been showcasing that there is no correct age to start something you are passionate about, irrespective of what stage of life you are at and always focus on your core strengths which for Priyanka has been content creation, digital & influencer marketing & PR, brand development, and team building.

Non conformism is an important trait after all! Until next time...

Content Credits - Shraddha Joshi

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